Because of the need for safety and security, parking areas are often lit 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Few other spaces in commercial or industrial real estate have such intermittent tenant usage. The energy savings potential is therefore very high, as parking areas are large in size and lighting densities are high. Aura Light understands your needs.



Historically parking garages were often dark, dirty and unsecure. Fortunately, this is changing and parking garages today are bright, safe and more upscale. Owners and real estate managers realise that better looking garages also attract more customers.

Dynamic control systems react to the real time use of the space, delivering the right amount and quality of light at the right time. Car parks need a durable luminaire. Aura Light have specially designed solutions for harsh environments with dust, dirt and moisture and with lifetime warranties of up to eight years.

We understand your needs and can help you to get a suitable sustainable lighting solution. Contact our lighting experts.


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