Presence Detector HF

Low-profile design allows surface mounting


Product information

Unlike Passive Infrafed (PIR) technology, HF/Microwave detectors only need movement to detect. The technology is active and more sensitive than PIR and it allows for the range of detection to be accurately set, which makes it ideally suited where people sit still e.g. an office or a classroom. The HF detector is also not sensitive to pollutants, unlike the PIR lens that can become less sensitive if the lens gets dirty in a dirty environment.

The low profile design means the unit can be mounted in a narrow ceiling void.

For more information, contact your local Aura Light-representative.

Application areas

  • Classrooms
  • Auditorium
  • Cinemas
  • Conference rooms
  • Offices


  • Stepless setting of dimming level and time delay on the unit or by remote control.
  • Quick connector facilitates installation.
  • Low-profile design, only 8 mm thick.
  • Auto On – Auto Off or Manual On – Auto Off.
  • Step-down illuminance/Corridor function. When no motion is detected the dimmed versions can be set to either dim down to a preset level,
    or switch off.
  • Automatic burn in of new lamps.