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Product information

Exzite is a new type of luminaire, where you can truly customize your own luminaire through a variety of options. The flexible design is ideal in today’s modern offices and makes the luminaire a natural part of your interior design concept. The luminaire gives both 65% direct and 35% indirect light. Exzite is available with two light distributions, either with a micro prism diffuser for the direct light or a double parabolic aluminium reflector in efficient MIRO 5.

Both versions have a line prismatic diffuser for the indirect light. Exzite is available with a variety of different colour side plates, end plates and decorative screws, which makes it possible to design your own luminaire. It can easily assume different forms to fit in with or offer a contrast to the interior design scheme. Exzite can also be ordered with three types of sensors, Actilume, SmartSwisch or iDim. Note that Exzite are always delivered with white side and end plates, and with decorative screws in brass, as standard.

Exzite is also available in tunable white, which makes it possible to change the colour temperature from warm white to cool white.

Visit exzite.auralight.com and personlize your own Exzite.


Application areas

  • Offices
  • Public areas


  • Flexibility meets design – design your own combination
  • High efficacy – up to 115 lm/W
  • Superior colour rendering
  • Easy installation
  • Based on Z-core technology
  • DALI and sensor versions
  • Available in tunable white
  • 5 year guarantee


Product sheet – Exzite
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Brochure – Exzite

Product sheet Tunable White control devices