Leave LED complexity behind with Aura Light Easy Selection



Easy Selection is a hand-picked range of LED lighting that makes it easy to get started with LED at your workplace. Simply choose a ready-to-use LED panel, tube, downlight or stairwell luminaire. Or combine them to meet your needs. What you get is a truly affordable LED lighting that quickly pays for itself. Why wait?



Easy installation

Complex installation is a thing of the past. Just replace your existing lighting – whether downlight, panel or T8 – with the ready-to-use Easy Selection LED. It couldn’t be easier.


Save up to 50% in energy costs

Save big on electricity for every light you replace with an Easy Selection LED. Our LEDs shine as brightly — but last longer, use less electricity and don’t need to be replaced as often.


Payback from day one

Count on Easy Selection LED for economical operation. Our LEDs start paying for themselves from day one — and continue to save you money over time.


Quality guaranteed

Our customers have come to expect the highest quality from Aura Light. So it should come as no surprise that we stand behind our Easy Selection, too. It is backed by solid guarantees.


Hand-picked selection

There are plenty of LED products on the market but the quality also varies greatly. Our lighting experts have done the hard work, carefully selecting reliable quality products.