Aura Lunaria Family

Award-winning LED panel for ceiling gridsAura-Lunaria-LED-panel-large


Product information



The Aura Lunaria family is an award winning revolutionary LED panel. It is used as lighting for standard commercial low ceiling grids
typically used to replace fluorescent luminaires. The panel is the best solution to meet your needs in offices, schools and other commercial applications. The Aura Lunaria LED panel does not result in eye exhaustion and provides uniform luminance all over the light panel. It can be delivered with a wide variety of cables and connectors to suit the needs of the installation.

Customize your LED-panels with unique accessories, such as the skylight module or one of the recess frames. Aura Lunaria G2 was awarded the International SEAD Global Efficiency Medal  in the category planar luminaires.

The latest edition of Aura Lunaria is the tunable white version. See separate product leaflet.

Application areas

  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial applications


  • Energy efficient
  • No UV-radiation
  • Low weight
  • 50,000 hours lifetime (L70B10)
  • On/off or DALI dimmable
  • Shallow height – suitable for low depth ceilings
  • Up to 133 lm/W (106 lm/W for generation 2)
  • UGR <19 for Pro version
  • < 3000 cd/m2 for Pro version
  • Internal cables are halogen free
  • 5 year guarantee


Product sheet Aura Lunaria Family (Generation 3)
Product sheet Aura Lunaria (Generation 2)
Product sheet Aura Lunaria Pro (Generation 2)
Product sheet Aura Lunaria Pro Mini (Generation 2)
Guarantee Aura Lunaria range 5 years
Photometric data Aura Lunaria G2 (.zip)
Photometric data Aura Lunaria G3 (.zip)
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