Aura Unique-T Long Life

Energy efficient compact lighting solution


Product information

Aura Light’s Unique Long Life range are tri-phosphor lamps with high color rendering and ideally suited in applications that need high light output. It is a Long Life compact fluorescent lamp developed to reduce maintenance. The service life of the lamp is 24,000 hours operated with electronic ballast (warm start). When operated with electromagnetic ballast and starter, the service life is 15,000 hours.

The lamp is designed for applications as shops, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, public areas, car parks, small signs, ambient lighting, down lighting and emergency lighting.

Mercury content: 3.0 mg


Application areas

  • Shops
  • Floors
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Public areas
  • Car parks
  • Small signs
  • Ambient lighting
  • Down lighting
  • Emergency lighting


  • Energy efficient.
  • High lumen output and low energy consumption.
  • Long Life reduces your maintenance by two thirds.

Customer experiences

Case studies with Aura Unique-S/-D/-T Long Life