Aura Ultimate AN Long Life

The ultimate fluorescent lighting solution




Product information

Aura Light Ultimate AN Long Life is a tri-phosphor lamp with very good color rendering and very good service life as well as an extremely low lamp failure rate. When the lamp is operated with an electronic ballast with programmed rapid start the average rated life is 60,000 hours. Aura Ultimate AN Long Life gives you the lowest possible operating cost for your lighting installation. It enables you to make big savings in areas with high ceiling heights or where it is difficult to access the luminaires, or where a production stop for replacing lamps is expensive.

The lamp is designed for applications such as high bay, retail, plants, warehouses, architectural and medical institutions.

Mercury content: 3.5 mg


Application areas

  • High bay
  • Retail
  • Plant and warehouse
  • Architectural
  • Medical institutions
  • General lighting


    • Nearly 8 years of maintenance-free illumination.(Based on daily cycling of 12 hour duration per start using Aura Ultimate AN Long Life instant start TL Series ballasts.)
    • Over 5 million lamps installed throughout Europe and North
    • America over the last 15 years.
    • Extremely low lamp failure rate.
    • Color rendering index of 80-85 CRI.
    • Variety of styles to meet the needs of the most demanding applications.
    • Gives better control of replacement costs.



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