Aura UltiLED Protector Long Life

Smartly packaged LEDs don’t die young in protective environments either




Product information

Aura UltiLED Protector Long Life is a high lumen LED light source that delivers excellent energy efficiency, high quality of light, and has a lifetime of at least 50 000 hours. It is not a retrofit LED tube, but a new type of LED light source for new LED luminaires and solutions. Aura UltiLED Protector Long Life gives you all the benefits of LED lighting today, while ensuring that you can easily upgrade your lighting installation as LED technology develops, without replacing the entire LED luminaire.

Our diffused glass has a unique matted surface, making it suitable for applications where minimal glare is important. The diffusion gives it a fluorescent look while resulting in minimal light loss.

Aura UltiLED Protector Long Life is easily controlled and dimmed. It offers outstanding thermal and electrical design features making it an extremely reliable product designed for Long Life. The Aura UltiLED Protector Long Life tube is backed by a lifetime guarantee. Aura UltiLED Protector Long Life for lasting LED lighting solutions.


Application areas

  • Food processing facility
  • Industrial production plant (e.g. chemical, paper manufacturing)
  • Laboratories
  • Sports facilities
  • Museums


  • High efficacy – up to 126 lm/W
  • High light output – up to 2900 lm
  • Diffused glass offers soft, even light with a fluorescent look
  • Colour rendering ≥ 80
  • LED module well protected in sealed IP65 glass tube
  • Excellent thermal and electrical design (SELV compliant)
  • 50 000 hour lifetime guarantee
  • Reduces CO2 emissions and maintenance costs
  • Safe lighting in industries and food processing areas
  • Avoid production stop in case of lamp breakage
  • Plastic protection sleeve in Kopalon PET (PTN2)



Product sheet Aura UltiLED Protector Long Life
Guarantee Aura UltiLED Protector Long Life