Aura UltiLED Pro Long Life

LED for extreme applications




Product information

Aura UltiLED Pro Long Life is a new type of LED light source that delivers energy efficiency, high quality of light and high lumen, with a lifetime of at least 58,000 hours. It is not a retrofit LED tube, but a new type of LED light source for new LED luminaires and solutions. Aura UltiLED Pro Long Life gives you all the benefits of LED lighting today while ensuring that you can easily upgrade your lighting installation without having to replace the entire LED luminaire, as LED technology continues to develop.

Aura UltiLED Pro Long Life is especially suitable is applications where there is a need for long lifetime, high efficacy and a high luminous flux, for example in areas with high ceilings. It is based on SMD package LED technology and the thermal and electrical design is optimized for outstanding reliability which makes it suitable for a diverse range of applications. Aura UltiLED Pro Long Life tube is backed by a lifetime guarantee. Aura UltiLED Pro Long Life for lasting LED lighting solutions.


Application areas

  • Industry
  • Warehouses
  • Refrigeration


  • High efficiency – up to 141 lm/W.
  • High light output – up to 4800 lm.
  • Colour rendering ≥ 80.
  • LED module well protected in sealed IP65 glass tube
  • Excellent thermal and electrical design.
  • 58.000 hour lifetime guarantee.
  • Reduces CO2 emissions and maintenance costs.