Aura Miniature Long Life

Fluorescent lamps for emergency applications




Product information

Aura Miniature Long Life is a tri-phosphor T5 (16 mm) fluorescent lamp with very good color rendering and long lifetime developed for use in standard emergency luminaires installed according to EN 1838. The lifetime, with a switching cycle of 24 h, 10% mortality rate and 20% lumen depreciation, is 20,000 hours both when the lamp is operated with an electronic ballast (warm start) and magnetic ballast and starter.

The lamp is designed for indoor applications emergency lighting for car parks, shopping centres and airports. Other areas of use; hall- and staircase lighting, task lighting, show-cases, ships, caravans.

Mercury content: 3.5 mg


Application areas

  • Emergency lighting for car parks, shopping centers, airports etc.
  • Hall lighting
  • Staircase lighting
  • Task lighting
  • Show-cases
  • Ships
  • Caravans


  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Long Life reduces maintenance by two thirds.
  • Better control of replacement costs.