Aura Duro

A luminaire equipped with Aura UltiLED Long Life or Aura T5 Eco Saver Long Life



Product information



Aura Duro is an efficient, maintenance free luminaire that will lower the total lifetime cost of your lighting installation.

It is a sealed luminaire in sturdy clear polycarbonate, with a unique gasket-less labyrinth seal. The cover catch is integrated into the frame and cover, so the luminaire does not need any separate metal clips. These features guarantee the IP66 rating throughout the luminaire lifetime.

It can be fitted with Aura Light’s LED light source, Aura UltiLED Long Life or Aura T5 Eco Saver Long Life fluorescent lamps or Aura Ultimate Long Life, T8.

Best of all, Aura Light offers an eight year system guarantee for Long Life luminaires. The guarantee covers the luminaire as well as the ballast/driver and the Aura light source.


Application areas

  • Car parks
  • Warehouses
  • Refrigeration
  • Food production
  • Industry
  • Tunnels
  • Airports


  • Energy efficient
  • Impact resistant, IP66, IK10
  • Gasketless sealing and integrated clips
  • Easily upgradable and replaceable LED light source
  • Eight-year guarantee
  • Designed for tough environments


Product sheet Aura Duro
Product sheet Aura UltiLED Long Life
Product sheet Aura T5 Eco Saver Long Life
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