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Aura Light develops and supplies sustainable light sources and lighting solutions with a clear environmental and sustainable focus.


About Aura Light

The foundations for Aura Light were laid back in 1930 under the name Lumalampan and Aura Light produced the first Long Life fluorescent lamp in 1980. The Head Office is located in Stockholm, Sweden, whereas development and production can be found in Karlskrona, Sweden. In addition, the Group has subsidiaries in China, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal and Spain and sells light sources all over the world. Customers are primarily found in industry, retail and the public sector. Aura Light has about 240 employees and a turnover of approximately 60 million Euros. The company is owned by FSN Capital.

Aura Light has a partnership with the environmental organization ClimateCare, who sells carbon offsets. It tackles climate change on behalf of individuals and businesses by funding projects that avoid reduce or absorb greenhouse gases such as CO2. The organization offsets emissions through a range of projects within renewable energy, energy efficiency and forest restoration. Aura Light also collaborates with The Natural Step in order to strive to become a sustainable company. All employees in the company have to go through this course.



  • Founded in 1930.
  • Head Office in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Development, production and customer service in Karlskrona, Sweden.
  • About 240 employees.
  • Turnover 60 million Euros.
  • Subsidiaries in China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Spain and UK.

History – from Luma to Aura Light

During the years of 1924-1939 the Phoebus cartel existed among lighting companies in the industry, with a purpose to raise the prices of light bulbs, while controlling the life expectancy of the lamps. As a reaction to the cartel the company of Lumalampan was started, and this was the start of what is known as Aura Light today.

Luma was established in Stockholm in 1930 and the first incandescent lamp was manufactured. The export flourished and during the following decades sales companies were founded around the world.

In 1980 Aura Light produced the first Long Life fluorescent lamp based on patented technology. In 1994 the name of the company changed from Luma to Aura Light.

Today Aura Light continues to grow with our mission to enable customers to reduce cost and become sustainable. There has been a strong expansion during the later years and now Aura Light’s sustainable lighting solutions are sold all over the world.


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