With Aura EasyT8 Long Life it takes less than 60 seconds to start saving more money and energy. Simply re-energise your old T8 luminaires with Aura EasyT8 Long Life, a high quality and highly efficient LED T8 retrofit light source. It lets you safely upgrade older installations to LED technology with minimal effort and expense.

Why choose EasyT8?

  • Easy to replace
  • 5 year guarantee »
  • Reliable quality from end to end: From choice of material, thermal management and protection against heat build-up to LED efficacy.
  • 70% energy reduction with minimal effort
  • 50 000 hour system lifetime
  • No additional investment is required
  • ReducesCO2 emissions and maintenance costs

70% in energy savings

Aura EasyT8 Long Life can bring you as much as 68-73% energy savings with minimal effort and it also gives better lumen output.

* 10% lumen maintenance, dirty reflector and luminaire (LOR 60% on luminaire)

**System wattage includes magnetic ballast losses, which are virtually eliminated when using Aura EasyT8s.


“I want to save 70 % energy. Contact me!”

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