Aura Long Life the economical choice for ClearChannel


ClearChannel uses Aura Long Life for financial benefits. “Using Aura Long Life means that we don’t have to replace the lamps so often. Money talks!”.



ClearChannel is an example of a company at the forefront of outdoor advertising in Sweden. The media company has been developing billposting options for many years, everything from large billboards and bus shelters to advertising in subways and shops. In total there are 25,000 advertising spaces across the country, illuminated by close to 100,000 fluorescent lamps.

Aura Long Life – the most economical choice

Christer Lanz at ClearChannel explains why they use Aura Long Life. “We used to use normal fluorescent lamps and were forced to replace them every other year. But about five or six years ago we tested Aura Long Life, which worked out very well for us. Aura Long Life has a significantly better service life and is the best solution from a financial perspective, so after we had done our investment estimates, we decided to buy Aura Long Life fluorescent lamps”.

Money Talks

“Aura Light has a good product, and that is why we bought it. There is nothing to match it on the market. We would rather spend a bit extra on our lamps because the most expensive thing is not the lamp but replacing it. Using Aura Long Life means that we don’t have to replace the lamps so often. Money talks!”, says Christer Lanz.