Aura Light starts LED production in Sweden

The Swedish lighting company Aura Light has developed a unique LED light source that will be produced at the company’s factory in Karlskrona, Sweden. The product is added to the company’s range of sustainable and high quality lighting solutions.


Aura Light has for a long time produced sustainable and energy efficient lighting solutions. An important part of the business has been the development and production in Karlskrona, where LED production now starts.

– It feels good to be able to introduce Aura Light’s production of LED light sources, produced in Sweden, which enables us to ensure our quality, sustainable production and distribution efficiency, says Martin Malmros, CEO Aura Light International AB.

LED lighting is considered the future of sustainable lighting, but the technology is still expensive and has suffered a series of quality issues, which reduces the lifetime considerably.

Aura Light has launched Aura UltiLED Long Life with a guaranteed lifetime of eight years. It is a high quality, energy efficient light source. The LEDs are mounted in a sealed tube and all the components are quality assured by Aura Light. The LED light source follows the same dimensions as fluorescent lamps but is mounted in luminaires that are designed for LED. Solutions based on Aura UltiLED Long Life are modular, which means that the light source can be replaced, without having to change the whole luminaire. The solution is developed to guarantee the lifetime and maximize the energy efficiency for Aura Light’s customers.

Stockholm 7 January 2013
Aura Light International AB

For further information, please contact:

  • Martin Malmros, CEO and Group Director, Aura Light International AB,
    +46 (0)8 564 883 40, +46 (0)730 45 83 40, 
  • Alina Giraldo, Press Officer, Aura Light International AB,
    +46 (0)8-564 883 89, +46 (0)702-86 40 02,

About Aura Light
Aura Light is a lighting company that supplies sustainable lighting solutions to professional customers, enabling them to reduce cost, energy consumption and environmental impact. Aura Light is acknowledged for long lifetime, high quality and energy reduction, where the Aura Light lighting solutions can reduce the energy consumption by up to 80 percent. The foundation for Aura Light was already laid in 1930 under the name Lumalampan and Long Life fluorescent lamps have been produced since 1980. The Head Office is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Aura Light subsidiaries and distributors sell lighting solutions all over the world and the customers are primarily found in industry, retail and public sector. Aura Light has about 240 employees and a turnover of approximately 60 million Euros.