We provide businesses with lighting that is smart; sustainable, economical, long lasting and high quality. We call it "Brighter Lighting".

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Aura Light recieves Global Efficiency Medal at CEM 7

Aura Light recieves Global Efficiency Medal at CEM 7

Recieves the award for Aura Lunaria LED panel at seventh Clean Energy Ministerial Meeting in San Fransisco.

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Rent your lighting - the Aura Light Managed Service Plan

The Aura Light Managed Service Plan makes it easy for you to get the right lighting for your business, with no financial outlay. This means that there is no need to raise debt or CAPEX for your lighting project as it sits off balance sheet. Our unique Managed Service Plan provides you with full maintenance cover throughout the term of the plan, giving you total peace of mind.

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Product highlights


Aura Persea

Aura Persea is a modern, maintenance free luminaire with highly efficient reflector design. It is a suitable replacement for 400 watt high pressure sodium and …

Light sources

Aura UltiLED Pro Long Life

Aura UltiLED Pro Long Life is a new type of LED light source that delivers energy efficiency, high quality of light and high lumen, with …

NEW Luminaires

Aura Apus Pro LED

Aura Apus LED is a low profile ceiling grid and display LED solution. Used as lighting for standard commercial ceiling grids; typically used to replace …

Why Choose Us

We do our part and yours

We help you to minimize environmental impact, save energy and meet green legislation requirements.

Quality You Can Trust

We offer our customers high quality products and we have solid lifetime guarantees to back it up.

Customized Solutions

Our direct sales means we can help you from start to finish, ensuring that you get the right lighting solution.

Since 1930

We have over 80 years of experience in sustainable lighting. We were founded in 1930 under the name LUMA.

Extra Care Facility Witton Lodge

Increased well-being care at the Extra Care Facility Witton Lodge run by Catalyst Mutual Enterprise   At the Extra Care Facility at Witton Lodge caring for people is highest on the agenda.  As it is funded …

Aura Eco Saver Long Life in the European Parliament

The European Parliament is applying a new environmental policy, which predefines the electrical consumption and the degree of comfort required...

SDC Trailers saves energy and money with Aura T5 Long Life

Aura Light solution covers all SDC Trailers needs in lighting and enables to save a large part of their lighting budget.

Coca-Cola in Sweden uses Aura Long Life

Coca-Cola uses Aura Long Life for their production plant in Haninge, Sweden. "We save a lot of money as we will need to replace the lamps significantly less often".

Cadbury goes green with Aura Eco Saver Long Life

The Purple Goes Green initiative is Cadbury wide, and at the moment Aura Long Life lamps are being used in the manufacturing areas in the Bournville plant, where they are changing old T8 fittings for …

Aura Long Life the economical choice for ClearChannel

ClearChannel uses Aura Long Life for financial benefits. "Using Aura Long Life means that we don’t have to replace the lamps so often. Money talks!".

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